Great service apartment in Phnom Penh

We all need a home, somewhere to return to at day’s end, a familiar place which we can rely on to be there for us, a place where we can relax and feel at home.
VTRUST has created such executive-level homes. Each of our apartments is already fully furnished and equipped so that you can begin life in your new home as soon as we give you the key. We wish you to have a tranquil, private place to call your own.

Apartment 1

This street-corner 5-storey high building is located in the heart of the most sought-after residential district of the capital. The “Boeugn Kang Kong 1” (or simply BKK1) is the most expensive residential area of Phnom Penh

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Apartment 2

This building was the first property managed by VTrust Properties. Located near the German Embassy, this 8-story high edifice features studio apartment and 2-bedroom suites. It bears a car and moto parking on its street level.

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Apartment 3

This charming building is located near the new Olympic Stadium, which features a shopping mall, inside which you will find a supermarket. It is near many local schools and have quick access to any directions of the city.

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